Beacon makes it easy for you to expand your cybersecurity skills and become an expert on using the Palo Alto Networks products and services you already have.

This simple, no-cost portal is your central knowledge base for everything you need to know to confidently install, deploy and optimize Palo Alto Networks technology. Beacon runs off an inventory of technical assets available via resources like Knowledge Base, LIVEcommunity and TechDocs, and more. While those resources can be accessed as standalone options, Beacon has bundled them into ready-to-use educational roadmaps.

Logging in to Beacon gives you access to a full inventory of educational learning paths, lets you track what activities you have completed, mark what you want to learn about or revisit later, and test your understanding of the material at hand (and win real-world prizes when you succeed!)

You can log on to Beacon using your Single Sign-On credentials by clicking the Log In button on the top-right corner of your screen.