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Beacon is run on an updated inventory of all the technical assets across Palo Alto Networks, making it easier for you to consume the information you need in a centralized location.

Throughout Beacon, you will find numerous roadmaps for self-service education, do you get started?

On your Home screen, you can see all of the assets that we recommend you explore based on your topics of interest, assets that you follow, and any asset or learning path that you start working on.

If you select Browse from the menu on your upper-left screen, you’ll be able to browse through the full catalogue of what’s available on Beacon. This Topics screen sorts content based on your desired outcome; be it to complete an initial deployment, enable built-in features, or anything in between.

If you’re brand new to Palo Alto Networks and you’re not sure where to get started, visit the Initial Deployments topic. Here, you can find additional information on Registration, Best Practices and more. If we select Registration, you can find step-by-step guides on how to register your products and services, and recommended next steps.

If you want to better understand different Palo Alto Networks capabilities and functions, select the Capability Enablement topic. Here you can scroll through the capabilities currently available on Beacon and select the one that piques your interest. Let’s check out SSL Decryption.

Broken up into what-why-how buckets, we simplify what you see, and what you don’t, so you can learn at your own pace. If we select How to Leverage SSL Decryption, you now see all relevant resources from across Palo Alto Networks in one centralized location.

Video Tutorials are modules taken from the Palo Alto Networks Learning Center that focus only on what you want to learn about at the moment. So rather than having to consume a 13-hour course to learn about SSL Decryption, you can view only the section relevant to you.

Within each Beacon learning path, you will find resources from TechDocs, LIVEcommunity, the Customer Support Portal and over 10 other resources that you’d previously have to visit individually.

With Beacon, instead of you having to search through 5 or more locations to find all the documentation you need, you can access it all directly through Beacon, and we will redirect you to the right location.

This format is replicated across all the topics and capabilities on Beacon.

Beacon also provides you with additional information on powerful resources, including how to run Best Practice Assessments, tackle Transformation Services, connect with experts, learn about our full educational curriculum and resources for hands-on training, and more.

Regardless of your starting point, there is something for everyone on Beacon.

If you have any questions on how to get started, contact the Beacon team at