Palo Alto Networks has expertise in both security prevention and its own product portfolio. Best practice documentation is designed to share this expertise with customers and partners, helping improve their security posture across various scenarios.

The templates play a complementary role by compiling common best practice recommendations into pre-built, day one configurations that can be readily loaded into Panoramaâ„¢ management or next-generation firewalls.

The benefits include:

  • Faster time to implement
  • Fewer configuration errors
  • Improved security posture with a day-one configuration to increase security posture

Configurations typically fall into one of two use cases:

The under-complicated use case ("set it and forget it")

  • Not enough visibility
  • Not enough blocking
  • Not enough reporting

The over-complicated use case (hindering security effectiveness)

  • Too much administration
  • Confusion obscuring the big picture
  • Overly granular security profiles

IronSkillet is meant to provide best practice recommendations while simplifying the configuration process.

Sophisticated customers may not need these templates, and configurations can be fully adjusted for those who do.