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Beacon is a learning portal designed to provide personal, customized experiences that accelerate your onboarding, feature adoption, and optimization.

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How do I access Beacon?

As a customer registered on the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal, you can access Beacon at beacon.exceedlms. com using the same SSO login credentials as the CSP. Beacon is also available as a mobile app, which you can download via the Exceed app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store (app by Intellum). In the Exceed app, you will need to enter “beacon” as the domain and log in with SSO when prompted.

How is Beacon different from the Learning Center, LIVEcommunity, Fuel User Group, or TechDocs?

Beacon does not replace or serve as a substitute for any existing Palo Alto Networks resources. Rather, it is a centralized point from which to begin your learning experience, serving as a conduit for educating you on the resources available as well as recommending when and how to use them. You should still look to LIVEcommunity, Fuel User Group, TechDocs, etc. for independent information.

Is Beacon a Palo Alto Networks tool?

Yes, Beacon is managed entirely by Palo Alto Networks.


Do all Palo Alto Networks customers have access to Beacon?

All Palo Alto Networks customers with valid Customer Support Portal login credentials can access Beacon at When registering for Beacon, you will be prompted to provide your Customer Support Portal SSO credentials.

Is Beacon free?

Yes, Beacon is a free educational service for all Palo Alto Networks customers. Our goal with Beacon is to provide an easy-to-use self-service platform.

Do prospects/non-customers have access to Beacon?

At this time, only Palo Alto Networks customers will have access to Beacon.


What is Beacon Gold?

Beacon Gold is our reward points system for Beacon users. When you invest your valuable time in learning how to best take advantage of our products, we want to reward your hard work.

What can I do with Beacon Gold?

You can redeem Beacon Gold for awesome real-world rewards through our digital storefront, The Beacon Shop.

How do I earn Beacon Gold?

You can earn Beacon Gold by completing quizzes and other activities on Beacon. All activities state the value of Beacon Gold they award.

Who can earn and spend Beacon Gold?

All Beacon users may earn and redeem Beacon Gold, with the exception of federal and local government employees, who may not redeem it.

Why are federal and local government employees excluded from Beacon Gold?

Federal and local government employees are restricted by federal gift-giving policies that make them ineligible to redeem Beacon Gold for rewards.

Where can I see my Beacon Gold balance?

On Beacon, navigate to your profile. You’ll see a “Rewards Store Balance” section where you can view your Beacon Gold balance.

Where do I redeem my Beacon Gold?

On Beacon, navigate to your profile. In the “Rewards Store Balance” section, you’ll see a “Redeem” button that will take you to The Beacon Shop. Once there, you can fill your cart and check out with your Beacon Gold.

What if I don’t have enough Beacon Gold for what I want?

Transactions in The Beacon Shop use Beacon Gold only. If your Beacon Gold balance is too low to redeem for the contents of your cart, you should get back to Beacon and earn more!

Can I transfer Beacon Gold to or from another account?

Beacon Gold is non-transferrable, with one exception (see “What happens to my Beacon Gold balance if I leave my current company?”).

What happens to my Beacon Gold balance if I leave my current company?

If you leave your company and join a new one, we can merge your previous Beacon account with your new one, retaining your progress and any associated Beacon Gold balance.

Why can’t I ship Beacon rewards to certain countries?

The Beacon Shop is managed and fulfilled by BrandVia, a third-party vendor. BrandVia has outlined the following countries as having restrictions for shipping and receiving:

  • Brazil
  • China
  • India
  • Russia

As a result, we are unable to ship rewards to these countries, however, you can still use your Beacon Gold to redeem rewards and have them shipped to alternative locations.

Can I purchase any Beacon rewards using real currency?

No, The Beacon Shop does not accept monetary transactions of any kind.

Is Beacon deployed in multiple languages?

At this time, Beacon content is available in English only.

What kind of content is on Beacon?

To curate educational roadmaps and blueprints to help you better use your purchased products, Beacon pulls content from Palo Alto Networks resources, including:

  • TechDocs
  • Learning Center
  • LIVEcommunity
  • Fuel User Group
  • Knowledgebase

Additionally, Palo Alto Networks pulls content from external resources, including among others:

  • GitHub
  • YouTube
  • Pearson VUE

How often is Beacon updated?

Beacon is updated every two weeks to ensure you always have the most relevant and current documentation available.

If I don’t find the content I need on Beacon, what should I do?

If you cannot find what you are looking for on Beacon, please let us know through the Feedback form on the About Beacon topic. With that said, just because something is not on Beacon, that does not mean it does not exist. For more information on Palo Alto Networks products and subscriptions, visit any of these resources:

  • TechDocs
  • Learning Center
  • LIVEcommunity
  • Fuel User Group
  • Knowledgebase

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