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Palo Alto Networks® next-generation firewalls detect known and unknown threats, including in encrypted traffic, using intelligence generated across many thousands of customer deployments. That means they reduce risks and prevent a broad range of attacks. For example, they enable users to access data and applications based on business requirements as well as stop credential theft and an attacker’s ability to use stolen credentials.

In order to successfully activate and access all features of your firewall, it is essential that you properly mount and set up the hardware. Within TechDocs, you will find a list of all Firewalls and Appliances.

Here you can select the firewall or appliance of your choice, and download the hardware QuickStart and Reference Guide.

Each guide contains detailed information on:

  • Installing the hardware
  • Maintaining the hardware
  • Hardware specifications

Click here to visit TechDocs and access Hardware QuickStart and Reference Guides.