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The Day 1 Configuration tool helps you build a sturdy baseline configuration by providing templates based on existing best practice recommendations from Palo Alto Networks.

Instead of making you navigate extensive and detailed "how-to" documentation, the Day 1 Configuration templates provide an easy-to-implement configuration model that is use-case agnostic. The emphasis is on key security elements, such as dynamic updates, security profiles, rules, and logging, which should be consistent across deployments. The benefits of Day 1 Configuration templates include faster time to implement, reduced configuration errors, and improved security posture.

Note: The Day 1 Configuration tool is a simplified, ready-to-use version of the IronSkillet, located directly within your Customer Support Portal environment. To learn more about all available Skillets, visit the Skillet District in the LIVEcommunity.

To run a Day 1 Configuration, you will need to be logged in to theĀ Customer Support Portal (CSP).*

Once you have logged in to the Run a Day 1 Configuration page using your Single Sign-On credentials, you will need to enter the Serial Number of the device, or cloud-based firewall, for which you would like to create a Day 1 Configuration.

Note that placing a Day 1 Configuration on your firewall will replace any other configurations currently in place.

Before importing the configuration onto your new device, ensure the system has been prepared.

Ensure the firewall is upgraded to the PAN-OS that was selected at the start of the Day 1 configuration process:

Customers can review the preferred maintenance release versions for each major version on Support PAN-OS Software Release Guidance.

Activate subscription for Threat Prevention

Updated application and antivirus content

These steps are required so the recommended features included in the configuration have been activated on the device prior to importing.

NOTE: The Palo Alto Networks provided External Dynamic Lists, for example, are loaded once the device is properly licensed and the first content updates have been installed.

To learn more about all available Skillets - including the Day 1 Configuration Skillet - visit the Skillet District in the LIVEcommunity.

*For additional information on creating and activating a CSP account, visit the Register as a Customer in the Customer Support Portal activity in Onboarding Step 1 - Registration.