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Activate Subscription Licenses

Follow these steps to activate a new license on the firewall.

Certain decryption features like Decryption Mirroring and Decryption Broker require you to activate a free license to unlock feature functionality. For those features, you should instead follow the steps to Activate Free Licenses for Decryption Features.

Step 1

Locate the activation codes for the licenses you purchased.

  • When you purchased your subscriptions you should have received an email from Palo Alto Networks customer service listing the activation code associated with each subscription. If you cannot locate this email, contact Customer Support to obtain your activation codes before you proceed.

Step 2

Activate your Support license.

  • You will not be able to update your PAN-OS software if you do not have a valid Support license.

    • Log in to the web interface and then select Device > Support.
    • Click Activate support using authorization code.
    • Enter your Authorization Code and then click OK.

Step 3

Activate each license you purchased.

Select Device > Licenses and then activate your licenses and subscriptions in one of the following ways:

  • Retrieve license keys from license server

    —Use this option if you activated your license on the Customer Support portal.

  • Activate feature using authorization code —Use this option to enable purchased subscriptions using an authorization code for licenses that have not been previously activated on the support portal. When prompted, enter the Authorization Code and then click OK.

  • Manually upload license key —Use this option if your firewall does not have connectivity to the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal. In this case, you must download a license key file from the support site on an internet-connected computer and then upload to the firewall.

Step 4

Verify that the license is successfully activated.

On the Device > Licenses page, verify that the license is successfully activated. For example, after activating the WildFire license, you should see that the license is valid:

Step 5

(WildFire subscriptions only) Perform a commit to complete WildFire subscription activation.

After activating a WildFire subscription, a commit is required for the firewall to begin forwarding advanced file types. You should either:

  • Commit any pending changes.
  • Check that the WildFire Analysis profile rules include the advanced file types that are now supported with the WildFire subscription. If no change to any of the rules is required, make a minor edit to a rule description and perform a commit.