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SLR reports—which you can generate at any time and save as a PDF—can be used as a tool for regular security check-ups to assess threat exposure. These reports provide a high-level view of the applications in use on your network (including SaaS applications), the websites your users are accessing, and the types of files they’re sharing. SLR reports also outline the vulnerabilities, malware, and command-and-control (C2) infections found on your network and help you to contextualize these findings against industry peers. When you run an SLR, you:

  • Gain an executive summary of the security and operation risks in your organization
  • Expose gaps in your security capabilities to help close the exploitation of vulnerabilities
  • Build confidence in your controls based on detailed security metrics, including application usage, web browsing, data transfer, and the prevalence of other threats
  • Reduce your attack surface by understanding the risks and vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, including, network, cloud, and endpoint

The Benefits of Running an SLR

This complimentary service provides an overview of your network and application risk vulnerabilities, including visibility into the applications and threats exposing vulnerabilities (sample below).

  • Analysis of all application traffic on the network, the capacity impact of these applications, and the relative security risks observed.
  • Comparison data for your organization versus their industry peers.
  • High-risk URL categories on the network.
  • Known and unknown malware information.
  • Key areas to focus on for reducing risk exposure.