The LIVEcommunity is a global online user community of more than 100,000 network and cybersecurity professionals answering questions in the forum areas (General Topics, API, Cortex, Endpoint, Threat and Vulnerability, VM-Series, and others). Anyone can join the LIVEcommunity. We are all in this together.

Joining Palo Alto Networks LIVEcommunity gives you access to a vibrant and insightful forum filled with knowledge and peer-to-peer engagement about Palo Alto Networks technology with fellow cybersecurity professionals. The LIVEcommunity features a discussion forum, blog area, newsletters, articles, videos, and even contests. The LIVEcommunity provides:

  • The benefit of 100,000+ network and cybersecurity experts answering questions in the forum areas.
  • Access to a robust set of tools, including integration resources, API, Cisco ACI, cloud integration, Expedition, MineMeld, and the Best Practice Assessment.
  • A one-stop shop for knowledge articles, technical documents, and peer discussion around Palo Alto Networks technology.

Join and take full advantage of the LIVEcommunity, including:

  • Free membership.
  • Peer-to-peer networking in your preferred format.
  • Opportunities to engage with industry experts (customers, partners, and Palo Alto Networks).
  • Awareness and access to relevant education and training through webinars, videos, newsletters, customer-curated content, discussion boards, blogs, and labs.
  • The ability to discuss and solve current and future challenges.
    The opportunity to create content for, contribute to, collaborate with, and learn from other experts.
  • Personalize your community experience.
  • Access to a robust set of tools.

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