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The Knowledge Base from Palo Alto Networks is an essential resource for all of your troubleshooting and use case related needs. This platform is accessible to all customers via the Customer Support Portal (CSP) and can be accessed here:*
*In order to access the CSP, you must first make sure that you are registered

The Knowledge Base is home to many resources from all Palo Alto Networks offerings including Prisma, Cortex, and Strata. The content housed on the portal is made up of commonly reported issues that customers experience with Palo Alto Networks products. Within the platform, you have the ability to search by topic, filter by product, narrow results by release type, and sort results by feature and feature category. This gives you the best chance for finding exactly what you need, without needing to open a Support ticket.

If you are experiencing any issues with your NGFW, Cortex, or Prisma deployment, there is most likely a Knowledge Base article available to help you troubleshoot it.